Local Catholic Charities proudly serves immigrants

Local Catholic Charities Organizations in California proudly serve immigrants in communities across the State. For over 60 years, these services have included everything from emergency food and housing assistance, to mental health counseling, to professional legal services.

Immigrant legal services help immigrants to obtain temporary or permanent legal status. Catholic Charities Organizations are recognized by the federal Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). This means that they employ BIA-accredited staff—highly trained staff who are authorized by the BIA to practice immigration law.

Over the last two years, Catholic Charities of California United has been instrumental in increasing state-funded low- and no-cost legal services for California’s immigrants. Catholic Charities of California United led advocacy efforts at the State Capitol which resulted in a new state-funded program. The Immigration Services Funding Program is administered by the California Department of Social Services. This Program awards millions of dollars annually to highly qualified non-profits to provide immigrant legal services.

Since January, 2016 Catholic Charities has used this funding to assist more than 4,000 immigrants, over and above the thousands of immigrants already served by Catholic Charities organizations each month.

The following Local Catholic Charities Organizations participate in the Immigration Services Funding Program: Charities of Santa Rosa, Monterey, East Bay, Stockton, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Solano, and San Bernardino-Riverside.